Honey Bear Hunt

The Honey Bear Hunt is a project in which people tape Honey Bears in their windows so neighbors can walk around and spot them. This is a fun, safe activity for individuals, couples, and families.

Hunt Kits are available now, and more will be released every Wednesday at 12pm PST!

Available Works

Everything currently available. All the artworks on this site are Hand-Painted Multiples, which means they are hand-painted and so original artworks but from editions and so more affordable. Once they are sold out, they're sold out, and the edition is retired. New editions are released a few times a year. Join fnnch.com/list to hear about those.


Limit of one artwork (but not shirt) per person.
Shipping times vary — see each work for details.

Lips Sculpture

Massive Lips Sculpture debuted at Burning Man 2019.

Price available upon request — purchase this $0.00 item, and we will reach out to you!