Honey Bear Hunt Kit

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The Honey Bear Hunt Kit includes a Mask Bear printed on paper for you to tape in your window.  Putting it up will let your neighbors walk around and spot bears. This is a fun, safe activity for individuals, couples and families.

The bear in your particular kit will be randomly chosen from over a dozen different Mask Bear designs. The kit will also include a sticker and an unsigned, unnumbered print as thank yous.

Optionally, and by default, your shipping address will appear on a map to facilitate the hunt. No other information except the location will appear on the map.

If the bear is too large for your window, just have the top portion showing. Cut it in half or let it hang off the bottom of your window — both will look good from the outside!

I recommend hanging with a clear tape such as Scotch Tape or packing tape. Start by putting a single piece at the top of the bear, and then put pieces down the sides as you smooth it onto your window.

Please note that the Honey Bear is intended for your window. It is not intended to be a collectible. My collectible prints are created with the highest quality inks and papers. These are not. Please do not ruin the game (and waste the resources of my studio — these are being sold basically at-cost) by storing it or putting it up inside. If you want to save it, take it down carefully when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Limit of one per household.