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Ukraine Window Bear

Ukraine Window Bear

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50% of sales will be donated to the Ukraine assistance efforts of the JCC Krakow, which has been working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week to help refugees fleeing Ukraine.

While I quietly ended the Honey Bear Hunt earlier this year, I want to reprise the Window Bears because one of several fronts on which this war is being fought is in the minds of the world. One thing I can commend Ukrainians for is working with media to keep their struggle visible to others. The more this can happen, the more support — financial, political or otherwise — can be lent to the cause. Putting a Ukraine Bear in your window is a way to keep this issue top of mind in your own community and to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people. I hope this can help in its own small way.

For these Window Bears I am going back to my original method of producing them, which is printing and cutting them one at a time in my studio. As such I am only releasing 300 of these. Because these are so limited, please only purchase one if you intend to put it in your window and show your support for Ukraine. These are not fine art.

Please allow 1-3 weeks for your Window Bear to ship.

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